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On Again, Off Again Engagement

Most of us want to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with our work. But the vast majority of us aren’t what HR experts call “engaged” by our jobs.
What can we do about that? First, we can realize that this is a universal problem. A recently released study of 88,612 workforce members in 18 countries [...]

Cookie Cutters Make Kids Party Fun for All

Children of nearly all ages love to help plan their birthday parties, everything from decorating the living room with balloons and streamers to making the cake or cupcakes, but what would make their birthday extra special would be a unique cookie party with cookie cutters of all different shapes, characters and sizes.

How to Reign in Runaway Negotiations

Clients who don’t know what they want can chew up countless hours of your time with exploratory contacts – if you let them. Here’s how to weed them out.

Loan Modification Service Offer to Eliminate Distressed Property

Many community banks nationwide are scrambling to adjust their way of thinking to shore up a balance sheet and rid themselves of costly non-performing assets such as those houses that are facing foreclosure.  Sometimes these banks or financial institutions could move loans back into the performing category through a loan modification service.  However when it [...]

Show Me the Rewards, Boss

When you go above and beyond the call of duty at work, you expect a reward for your efforts. But the payoff is often delayed – or worse – and it’s rarely what you were expecting.
What’s typically at stake for employees is a cash reward and heightened organizational stature – a big step toward a promotion. [...]

Solar Panels on Solar Powered Traffic Signs Help Generate Flashing LED Lights; Save Lives

Many people might believe that solar panels are built like cookie cutters – they are all the same; however this is not true because solar panel traffic signs come in a wide variety of styles and shapes to fit whatever a community needs to help distracted drivers see the solar panel signs with their flashing [...]

Punching the Clock for America’s Leading Brands

In his latest book Punching In Alex Frankel a journalist and “brand observer” recounts his recent experiences working entry-level jobs for some of America’s best-known employers: UPS, Starbucks, the Gap and Apple among others.
Unlike those of us who prefer to learn about companies by reading academic case studies or magazine articles, Frankel discovers firsthand how [...]

Is it Time to Ping “Your” Recruiter?

When we initiate contact with a recruiter – or they call us – we tend to think of them as our recruiter. That’s when the communication quandary begins.
Almost always, recruiters work for employers not job seekers. A typical misconception is that although many recruiters can and often do offer career advice, technically they’re working for [...]

Three Key Principles of the Blitz Approach

We saw it this week: the economy hiccups, companies restructure and employees scatter in search of shelter and protection for the career they’ve fought so hard to build.
In times like these, many are faced with difficult decisions.  Should I stay with my company or seek another position in another company?  Should I go back to [...]

How Newly Unemployed Use LinkedIn

My first article for addresses a topic that aligns two of my main interests: careers and social media.
Every unemployed person I interviewed for the piece had a LinkedIn profile prior to their layoff but hadn’t developed it sufficiently. They were making up for lost time quickly. But still, it’s difficult to pull together good [...]

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