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NMLS Education an Important Part of the new National Mortgage Licensing System

Because the economy is slowly making a comeback and people are purchasing homes, many first-time homebuyers are trying to beat the deadline of the end of the year for the $8,000 tax credit. Numerous unemployed individuals are signing up for loan officer training because they realize when the economy does make a full recovery, loan [...]

GM Layoffs

Oct 16, 2008 – General Motors Corp. will lay off about 1,600 hourly workers at assembly plants in Detroit, Pontiac and Wilmington, Del., as it responds to decreasing demand for trucks, large cars and luxury cars, the company said today.

carmax layoffs

HOUSTON – The recent financial difficulties, the impact on businesses and individuals.
Last month, the Bill Heard of the concession, announced the closure here in Houston.

Could Wachovia be on a Bank Run?

They fell $ 3.00 to around 10.00 U.S. dollars, I do not know seems to be dangerous to trade now.

First US Presidential Debate – Live

Since this debate is taking place tonight, the focus in America was on the economy. The discussion will focus on foreign policy, but with the confusion of recent days and the economic collapse, everything can happen.

Your Attitude May Be Killing You

Do You fret that you are always falling behind in the things you should or could do,
and do you try to do more and more things in less and less time?

Wall Street’s Killing Me! Are We Going To Loose Our Jobs?

These words appeared at the bottom of the screen for the entire morning segment on the stock market in the opening few minutes of The Today Show on Monday morning, September 15th This was the message conveyed to millions of housewives 80 minutes before the New York Stock Exchange was scheduled to open. The words [...]

tcs firing

TCS said that because of its short targeted tax receipts (read profit), there is reduction in the wages of employees on the basis of their system of internal ranking.

infosys firing

Before the evolution of computers in business world, India was considered to be the nation of snake charmers, beggars and yogis. Today the survey about this country has completely changed. Now India has become center of hi-tech software development facilities, cutting-edge R & D Center and 24 × 7 busy call centers. Now IT companies [...]

Boeing Strike

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