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Myth no. 3: Never say ‘I don’t know’

The interviews are to make a positive impression to answer
Questions and intelligent design with the interviewer.
To this end, many respondents who believe they provide the
perfect answer to all questions put to them, regardless of whether
or not, they know the answer. It is clear, is a great interview
, where all the questions to answer (and you [...]

Myth no. 2: Interviews are like school exams

Yes, the interviews are a little like the tests to the extent in which you are asked whether a
Number of questions to which you reply, intelligent,
but the similarities. In contrast to the tests, which very closely
Detail is important, the interviews are based on interaction and reporting
Building in the articulation of responses to chip. And a
Chip [...]

Myth no. 1: The best person for the job gets it

Sometimes, that’s true, especially in a situation where the whole world
Everyone knows, for example, if a company is the internal recruitment.
However, this is often not the case. For the best person for
Work to win some very important things must
(and even then there is no guarantee). There is particular:

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