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First US Presidential Debate – Live

Posted by admin on Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Since this debate is taking place tonight, the focus in America was on the economy. The discussion will focus on foreign policy, but with the confusion of recent days and the economic collapse, everything can happen.

One thing is clear: John McCain does not go back on his work as a senator of the United States as a “cascade”, but as a genuine effort to rescue economic masssive this bill is adopted. McCain, a genuine record of bipartisanship (Barack Obama has his party with 97 percent of all times) is perhaps the only person who really have this thing.

John McCain is in a no-win situation here. He had little time to prepare the debate. He has a real leadership role in a DC and try to help and to the debate – even though Obama was the first town halls he has for months. Obama said no. If McCain has not accepted the debate tonight, it would be, how it was prepared. If it has not given the economic crisis, when its own principles. Most Americans are not satisfied with the Bail Act as proposed, and there was a leak, it shows that they have the right to be: He was asked, apparently, with pork (including Joe Biden of the circle).

So, how does John McCain?

We know Barack Obama has several days, hours, the flow to the tapes of McCain in the style of debate. Maybe he improved his own.


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