Our Process.
We find your perfect career using our proprietary 3-step process.
Data Collection
Algorithmic Optimization
Custom Adjustments
Data Collection

Goals. Dreams.

Interests. Experiences.

Algorithmic Optimization

Data-based results.

Machine learning.

Custom Adjustments

Personalized review.  Bespoke modifications.

What do I actually receive with my package?
  1. Individualized report on what career options are optimal for you, ranked by percentage match

  2. Targeted resume for your optimal careers.

  3. Example job descriptions and connections to your personal background.

  4. Report on what in your background fits.

  5. Report on what in your background doesn't fit and how to respond to any related questions.

  6. Custom, individualized guide on how to answer 90%+ of interview questions that those in your optimal career path will be asked

  7. Guidance on stories that you can use to demonstrate your talents and abilities (absolutely critical for success in interviews)

  8. Career specific networking plan

  9. Example cover letter for your targeted careers

  10. Email templates and examples for how to reach out to those in your industry (both for people you know and people you don't)

  11. Transcript of a mock informational interview

  12. Guide on modifying resumes to clear algorithmic HR filters

  13. The secret way to apply to keep your resume from the trash bin

  14. Database of current job openings in your targeted career area (optional).

How much will this cost me?

We charge $49 for the entire Career Optimization Package.

That's it.

Compare our value below against our competition:

The bottom line - we deliver much more value at a fraction of the cost.