Our Process.
We get you where you need to be using our proprietary 3-step process.
Data Collection
Algorithmic Optimization
Custom Adjustments
Data Collection

Goals. Interests. 

Dreams. Experiences. 

Algorithmic Optimization

Data-based results.

Machine learning.  

Custom Adjustments

Personalized review.  Bespoke modifications.

What do I receive?

Individualized report on what career options are optimal for you.

Targeted resume for your career options.

Instructions on how to align your current background with your targeted careers.

Custom guide on how to answer 90%+ of interview questions.

Career specific networking plan and application guidance.

Database of current job openings in your targeted career area (optional).

Is this right for me?

This product is for anyone who doesn't want to spend their lives in a job and career that is not right for them. 

We succeed when we are in careers that best align with our skills and interests

Our product is ideal for anyone just starting our their career and is looking to ensure they don't make a mistake and choosing their first job.

Not every career is right for every person. 


Our product ensures you don't waste any time or have any regrets.

When do I receive the package?

As each client's package is personally reviewed by our career experts, we will deliver your Career Optimization Package within 48 hours of client completion of our proprietary questionnaire.

How much will this cost me?

While our competitors charge more than $100 for just a resume revision or 1 hour of interview prep, we charge $99 for the entire Career Optimization Package.  There is no other product with this much value.

Your Career Optimization Package includes all six of the below modules:

Defining yourself

We use your data to create a personalized definition of yourself, giving you a clear view into the person you are and the things that make you special.  

The perfect resume

We concisely communicate your skills, talents, abilities, and unique personality on a resume that is targeted toward your optimal careers.

Targeting the best career for you

Identification of your optimal careers

Aligning those career options with your:

Personal Interests

Financial Goals

Work-Life Balance

Desired Industry


Aligning your background with your targets

Example job descriptions and connections to your personal background.

What in your background fits.

What in your background doesn't fit.

Custom Interview Prep

Personalized answers to the standard interview questions (90%+)

Stories that you can use to demonstrate your talents and abilities

How to win over your interviewer in the first 5 minutes

Comprehensive guidance on the key questions that other candidates overlook

Networking and Application Guidance

Example cover letter for your targeted careers

Email templates and examples for how to reach out to those in your industry (both for people you know and people you don't)

Transcript of a mock informational interview

Guide on modifying resumes to clear algorithmic HR filters