To understand why we do what we do, you need to hear about our founder's career journey:
A 2018 study from Harvard Business Review of over 357,000 people showed that we are only 29% accurate in evaluating ourselves and what we truly desire for our careers.

Hi.  My name is Michael Grayson, and I founded Get Your Job Now.

Let me tell you a little about my career path.  I went to a well-respected state university and like many, I did not know what to do when I graduated.  I visited Career Services at my college and the guidance they gave me was mediocre at best.  They did not take the time to really get to know me.

I graduated.  I had no job.  I needed money quickly.  I was experiencing severe anxiety and could barely sleep from all the stress.

I was applying to every job I could.  But it wasn’t working.  I didn’t know how to network, and when I applied for jobs I did not get a chance to interview.  And even for those times I did get an interview I did not know how to do it well.  Like most, I was never actually taught how to get the job.

So I took the first job I could find, working for an energy company in Texas.  I joined the Corporate Procurement division which is the group that purchases support goods and services for a company.

This company had an energy trading division, and after interacting with traders I thought that's what I wanted to do.  It seemed exciting.  The “smart” people did it.  I could make a lot of money if I was successful.

​So I started taking action.  I worked later and harder than anyone for three years, being promoted twice and ending up in an electricity pricing role which involved working with the traders constantly. 

I identified a graduate program that energy trading companies recruited from.  I spent over a hundred hours studying for the GMAT so I could get in the program.  To summarize, for three years all I did was work and study so that I would have the opportunity to do what I believe I wanted to do.  I did not have time for fun and socializing.

I got into the graduate school I was targeting.  At the program, I again worked harder than anyone.  I skipped social events to study and prepare for interviews.  I jumped at any opportunity to do extra work.

It paid off (or so I thought at the time).

I received a job offer on an oil-trading desk at a bulge-bracket bank making well into the six-figures.

I worked as an analyst on the desk for two years and then was promoted to an oil trading position.  I thought I had achieved my dream.  I had worked for over six years to get where I wanted to be.

But there was a problem.

I hated my life.  I was not meant to be a trader.  I didn't like the people.  I hated sitting in my desk all day long.  I hated having to keep up with the news all night.  I hated the constant stress.  I never got to work with customers or clients.  It sucked.

I was miserable.  I became depressed and had to begin seeing a therapist.  I couldn’t sleep from the anxiety of what I was going to do.  Do I tough it out just because I worked for so many so many years to get where I was?  Or do I cut my losses and start over again?

It is an awful, awful situation to be in.

All that work I did at my graduate program was wasted.  All that effort studying for the GMAT, wasted.  Six years of my life were wasted.  The $50,000+ I spent for my Master's degree was wasted.  Everything I had done for years was wasted.  Completely wasted.

I knew I couldn’t be miserable forever.  So I had to start over.  And I was turning 30 soon.

I couldn't afford a mistake this time.  So I spent countless hours researching everything I could about finding your best career.  I focused on research on those with not only financially successful careers but also great fulfillment in their work.  What about them makes their chosen career work so well for them?

​I figured it out, and I applied what I learned to myself.

I always thought I was an analytical person, as I had enjoyed math in school.  But I actually found I was a “people-person”.  I like meeting new people.  I like working as a team.  I like building trust and rapport with people.

So I cut my losses, found a job in software sales, and never looked back.  I was perfect for the job.  I woke up excited about work, and I left feeling satisfied with what I did that day.  I didn't hate my life.  I was promoted quickly and without significant effort on my part.

This is because doing things we are meant to do is not hard.  It's when we try to force ourselves to be something we're not that we experience issues.  And these issues are costly, in terms of mental health and actual financial impact.  I wasted a lot of money on the wrong career.

I don't want you to ever go through what I did.   I don't want you to live in anxiety.  I don’t want you to become depressed like I did.  I want you in your dream career.

That’s why I started Get Your Job Now.  So you don’t waste years of your life and thousands of dollars.

We help you find the career and get the job.  That is our mission.  And as you can see, it is very personal to me.

Experience the relief when you know you've found the right career.  Enjoy waking up every day looking forward to your life.

I want you to experience the joy I do daily.  Get started now.



A staggering 9 out of 10 people between ages 21 and 65 say they regret rushing into their career choice.
A staggering 9 out of 10 people between ages 21 and 65 say they regret rushing into their career choice.
Be the one that doesn't.